10-30-12: Courtesy of YNN. Western New York may have been spared, but Sandy isn’t over for some first responders across the region. “You’ll be going to Suffolk County Fire Academy and then you’ll be deployed from there,” James McCullough, Erie County’s Fire Coordinator, told a group heading out. “If you’ve been watching TV, you know what’s going on. It’s pretty bad down there,” said Mark Poloncarz, Erie County Executive. More than 40 members of swift water rescue teams across Erie County packed up and headed for Long Island for a 72-hour shift Tuesday, where thousands have been displaced by flood waters. “All of our guys have air ops swift water scuba capabilities for water rescue, underwater, ice water. There’s two boats, we have a rapid deployment craft and also a 25 horsepower boat to get through the faster moving water,” said Jim Miller of the Alden Water Rescue Team. They’re not the only ones heading out to assist with storm damage – 75 members of the 107th Airlift Wing took off Tuesday for Stewart Air National Guard Base in Newberg before heading to a training site to await their mission.

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