Mark's Prosperity Plan for Erie County

Continue to develop the Renaissance Commerce Park at the former Bethlehem Steel site in Lackawanna, thereby creating even more new jobs for the region. 

Begin construction of the Agricultural Industrial Park in Angola to support our local farmers and agricultural community. 

Continue implementation of Mark’s Live Well Erie poverty plan to help parents, families, and older adults achieve their full potential and leave no person behind.

Further invest in community based housing projects to make housing affordable for all, especially our seniors and first time homebuyers.

Purchase more tracked emergency response and parks vehicles to complement existing equipment to go where no vehicle can.

Invest in even more snow fighting equipment, including additional high lifts and heavy duty dual engine snow blowers.

Continue record investments in road and bridge infrastructure, and replace aging highway barns with modern facilities. 

Use relationships cultivated in Washington, DC to obtain major infrastructure grants for future work. 

Begin installation of county’s municipal broadband program ErieNET to bring high-speed internet to all areas on the county.

Renovate and replace aging sewer facilities to ensure clean water for all.

Improve public safety by adding more positions to the Sheriff’s Road Patrol, thereby also reducing mandatory overtime expenses.

Increase positions in the jail management division to reinstate job training programs to reduce recidivism.

Invest in the County’s Forensic Crime Lab and 911 systems.

Continue mental health 911 call diversion program.

Increase investments in the County’s Opioid Treatment and Mental Health Services Programs and expand Erie County SMART Program with school districts to provide mental health services to all students

Continue to stay under the New York State Tax Cap by lowering our tax rate, while ensuring investments in the People’s Mandates such as libraries, parks, and arts and cultural institutions grow.

Work with County Comptroller’s Office to ensure county gets the greatest rate of return on its investments and its current “AA” credit rating even gets better.

Support the men and women of organized labor by implementing project labor agreements for major projects like the new Bills Stadium and the new Southtowns Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

Help promote the next generation of union workers by strengthening Erie County’s apprencticeship law and Enforce Executive Order #18 mandating the county-contracted construction projects use local labor. 

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