10-25-12: Courtesy of WKBW. Marine Drive has been a busy place as of late. Canalside is still bustling, there is plenty of work being done at the Aud Block, crews are busy on the reconstruction of the Donovan Building, and the Webster Block is next in line. On Thursday, the Lieutenant Governor of New York State toured the area with local officials to report back to the Governor. “This is a big, large-scale development that is not only going to create jobs, I mentioned before 4800 construction jobs and 1000 permanent jobs, it is going to create a destination point,” the Lt. Governor said. And for many enjoying the waterfront on such a nice day, they agreed with that assessment. “I think it’s about time we took advantage of the resource,” Donna Milehem said. “It’s really nice. I like the way it’s been built up,” Craig Bloom added.

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