6-5-12: Courtesy of YNN. Cultural Funding applicants of Erie County received a crash course on the new application Tuesday afternoon. The Department of Environment and Planning hosted an “Applicant Briefing” at the Rath County Office Building to discuss the new process. Applicants were able to ask questions about eligibility requirements and documents needed for funding. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz created the 2013 application to ensure cultural organizations had a chance to receive the funding. Maria Whyte, Commissioner of Erie County Department of Environment and Planning, says that the three page application is very straight forward. “Naturally, they need to tell us what they intend to use the money for and talk a little bit about the strength of their organization and how they intend to use these funds and a little bit about the history and the mission of their organization,” Whyte said. The deadline for the application is July 6th at 5 pm

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