1-3-12: Courtesy of YNN. As his first order of business, County Executive Mark Poloncarz signed five executive orders Tuesday. Poloncarz says he’s addressing important issues just days into his term, because things need to be done in Erie County. YNN’s Katie Morse tells us more about those executive orders, especially one that could have in impact on the Bills’ future in the area. BUFFALO, NY — On his first official day in office, County Executive Mark Poloncarz was putting pen to paper, signing five new executive orders. The first, finding outside counsel to handle the upcoming lease negotiations between the county and the Buffalo Bills. There’s one year left on the current lease for Ralph Wilson Stadium, and Poloncarz wants to make sure the team has a place in Buffalo when it’s up. “I’m concerned. That’s why the first executive order I signed was to hire outside council., because I want these lease negotiations to start as soon as possible,” explained Poloncarz. The county owns the stadium, which it leases to a New York State corporation, which has a sublease with the Bills. That means all three parties will be at the negotiating table. The County Attorney’s office is accepting bids from law firms to represent the county. Poloncarz says he’s hoping a capable local law firm will be up for the job. “Anybody who’s going to negotiate on behalf of Erie County is going to have to take a look at this book and basically know it by heart before they enter into negotiations with

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