11-10-11: Courtesy of WKBW. Fresh off his victory in the Erie County Executive race, which he won by a surprising margin, Mark Poloncarz said he was confident from the beginning that he had more than a slim chance at victory. “I always knew that I had a shot,” the county comptroller said from his 11th floor office at the Rath Building. Soon he will make the move to the 16th floor and replace Republican Chris Collins, who voters rejected in Tuesday’s election. Poloncarz is forming his transition team right now and said every department head and position will be examined. Newly hired members of his administration will likely make less money than those who currently serve under Collins, he said. “The county attorney right now is making $150000 which is the highest amount that any county attorney has ever gotten paid,” said Poloncarz. “The next county attorney is not going to get paid $150000.”

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