12-6-11: Courtesy of WKBW. Jobs and services are on the line in both Erie and Niagara Counties. Legislatures in both areas will make tough decisions, Tuesday. In Niagara County, it could be a packed house at the county headquarters. A public budget meeting begins at 7 pm and several union members will be on hand fighting to save 12 jobs slated to be cut in the Public Works Department. On the side, there is pressure from some public groups to cut more from the proposed $316 million budget, which is $6 million higher than last year’s budget. In Erie County, legislators will vote on next year’s budget and try to save several jobs and services. Outgoing County Executive Chris Collins proposed those cuts. Legislators will decide whether to restore $900 thousand for cultural groups, save jobs in the library system and restore the county’s rodent control program. Collins, who leaves office in a few weeks, still does have veto power. His successor Mark Poloncarz made this promise shortly before being elected to take over. “”I believe I can pay for the libraries, arts and culturals without raising taxes. I know finances as good as anyone in county government. I know where the bags of money are being hid by the county executive and I am going to unbury those bags and use them for the public good,” Poloncarz said. The Erie County meeting gets underway at 2:30 pm at County Hall. Eyewitness News will follow the latest developments from both meetings.

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