Press Release 10-20-2019



EC Comptroller politicizes office, adds to attacks supporting Dixon

Republican playbook ramps up mendacity, misrepresentations in County Executive race

ERIE COUNTY – With Early Voting beginning in just six days and Election Day only sixteen days away Erie County voters are finding themselves subject to a growing tidal wave of deceit, deception and misrepresentation as the county Republican party stoops to new lows in an effort to confuse voters.  Now the Erie County Comptroller is brazenly getting into the act, creating “controversies” and attempting to use earned media to deliberately present misinformation to the public.

“It has come to our attention that the Erie County Comptroller, in addition to not doing the job mandated by the county charter, is weaponizing his office as a way to pursue political enemies with false, trumped up ‘allegations’, said Poloncarz campaign spokesman Peter Anderson.  “Anything released by the comptroller’s office in the next sixteen days should be very closely scrutinized, and it must be remembered that Deputy Comptroller Bryan Fiume also serves as the campaign manager for the Republican candidate, Lynne Dixon, whose campaign has clearly NOT taken the politics out of government but instead has inserted it squarely into this race, with just two weeks to go.”

“Last week the Comptroller was dumpster diving in the Rath building basement and attempting to create envelope-gate. We are sure there will be more nonsense generated by his office in the coming weeks, and more false narratives they promote and shop to media,” Anderson continued. “While he and his deputy continue to serve as the GOP candidate’s surrogates, taxpayers suffer. The Comptroller’s office continues to be out of compliance with Government Auditing Standards. They are shirking their responsibilities and bringing politics into government.”

Early Voting begins on Saturday, October 26 and Election Day is Tuesday, November 5.