Statement of Mark Poloncarz in response to the election of Donald Trump as our 45th president.

Originally published November 9, 2016 on Facebook

Since the adoption of our Constitution the American Democracy has been a perpetual work in progress. Every four years we come together to elect one person to lead us forward, though no one person can ever truly represent the diversity and differing opinions that make up the three hundred twenty million citizens of our country. Yesterday was no different, and while the presidential election may not have gone as I had desired, I congratulate President-Elect Donald Trump and all of his supporters on their victory.

Now we as a nation must find a way to heal the wounds of this bitter election and move forward to address the significant issues that face our nation – issues relating to race and fairness, inclusivity and religious tolerance, poverty in all communities (not just the inner city), and the feeling by many regardless of the color of their skin that the American dream is no longer attainable – just to name a few in a long list of many. While we may disagree in the way to get there, in doing so I will stand up for the democratic ideals that I believe in and continue the fight for a better community, a better America, and I ask all others to do the same.

Good luck to President-Elect Trump as he begins the difficult task of governing, and may we, the people of the United States, find a way to work together in our perpetual quest to seek a more perfect Union.