By Mark C. Poloncarz
May 18, 2016

I watched Senator Sanders speech in Carson, California last night. I was very disappointed in his accusation that the Democratic Party does not represent the people, the working and middle class of the nation and is essentially corrupt. He is wrong.

For decades it has been the Democratic Party that has protected the rights of the working men and women of this country against an onslaught from the right. Governing a nation which is split right down the middle politically is not easy, especially when so much power and influence is held in the hands of the super wealthy, but that does not mean the party is corrupt because you cannot accomplish all you hope to do in a divided society.

Without an act of God at this point, Senator Sanders will have less pledged delegates entering the Democratic Convention than Secretary Clinton. Why? Because he has won less states and received less votes than her.

He may not like it, but the result does not make the party or system corrupt. That is democracy: there can be only one winner and right now it is not him. To excoriate the party and the people who make up the party just because you do not like the result benefits no one.

Senator Sanders has the right to continue his fight through the final primary in California. However, it is time for him to stop the nasty rhetoric claiming corruption and the like. Win or lose, the party, and it’s people, need to rally together for the general election. Unfortunately Senator Sanders latest statements make that less likely than before, and then we all lose in the end.

Copyright Mark C. Poloncarz 2016
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