Mark Poloncarz’s State of Erie County Address, March 10, 2016

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Mark Poloncarz

About Mark

Mark C. Poloncarz is Erie County's eighth County Executive. Since taking office as Erie County Executive in January 2012, Mark has worked to change the culture of Erie County government and return it to its core mission: provide the programs and services that residents and taxpayers demand as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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  • By Mark C. Poloncarz (originally published on Facebook on April 17, 2016): As you all know (unless you have been living under a rock), Tuesday is Primary Day in NY. Polls open at 6 am in Erie County, noon elsewhere in WNY, and then all close at 9 pm. Only registered members of each party are entitled to vote. This is called a closed primary, and in my opinion is correct. Members of other political parties, or independents, should not … read more

  • Yes, we must repeal Citizens United, but there is much more we need to do if we are to fix our broken campaign finance system. By Mark C. Poloncarz The 2016 Democratic Party’s primary season has been punctuated by a general agreement by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on many of the issues presented. You might not realize it from the statements of supporters to the contrary, but while they may disagree on a few matters they have much more … read more

  • Some April Fool’s Jokes Aren’t Funny, like a President Trump By Mark Poloncarz April 1, 2016 Not many of the so-called political prognosticators gave Donald Trump much of chance to win the Republican Party’s nomination for president when he announced his candidacy last year. While his name recognition may have been better than any other candidate, he also was “The Donald,” a caricature of the rich and famous but not necessarily what we expect from our presidents. There was no … read more

  • Originally published in Bee Newspapers in March 2016 County leads in proposal to ban tobacco in pharmacies By Mark Poloncarz, Erie County Executive March 9, 2016 This month I will be delivering my 2016 State of the County address, and I look forward to not only talking about the many ways that Erie County has advanced during the first four years of my administration, but also exploring areas for further progress. While many positive changes have occurred in our county, … read more

  • Statement of Mark Poloncarz as prepared for delivery March 9, 2016 There has been much discussion in recent weeks regarding the threat lead exposure poses to young children. Make no mistake lead poisoning is an insidious disease that can destroy a child’s future. Lead is a deadly neurotoxin that can stunt brain development in children under the age of 5, and children who ingest lead, either through chewing on paint chips containing lead or breathing in air containing lead paint … read more