People’s Mandates

Mark with Sabretooth at Chestnut Ridge Park.

Mark with Sabretooth at Chestnut Ridge Park.

Mark has made it a priority to restore funding for what he calls the “People’s Mandates,” which are the programs you, the public, demand be provided by our government. These include funding our parks, libraries, arts and cultural institutions and our vast road and bridge system. In regards to each of these, Mark has done the following:

Erie County has more than 12,000 acres of parks, forests, golf courses and beaches to enjoy. Mark understands we hold our parks in a public trust for future generations and we must invest in them for today and tomorrow. As such, he has authorized the investment of more than $5 million to improve our vast park system, and will continue to do so as YOUR County Executive.

The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library System is one of community’s greatest assets. Unlike prior administrations, Mark did not cut funding to the libraries, but instead increased funding during his tenure, all without increasing property taxes. Additionally, Mark has invested in new bookmobiles for the library system, and he pledges he continue to invest in our libraries as YOUR County Executive.

Mark and Shark Girl at Canalside, a succesfful public art project through a collaborative with the Albright Knox Art Gallery.

Mark and Shark Girl at Canalside, a successful public art project collaboration between the county and the Albright Knox Art Gallery.

Arts and Cultural Institutions:
Our community is blessed to have world renowned arts and cultural organizations. Mark understands these organizations not only enrich our mind, but they are a valuable sector of our local economy. As YOUR County Executive, Mark increased the number of dollars available to arts and cultural organizations as well as opened up assistance to many more entities. By doing so, we are supporting not only our local arts scene, but our entire economy.

Road and Bridge System:
Erie County is one of the largest counties in New York, and has more miles of roads than any other similar county. In fact, Erie County has more than 2,400 lane miles of roads, which is more than the states of Delaware, Rhode Island and Hawaii each have. As YOUR County Executive, Mark understands the need to invest and rebuild our road and bridge system and in 2015, he authorized nearly $30 million to address road issues countywide, which was $8.3 million more than was approved during the 2015 budget process. During Mark’s tenure as County Executive, he has invested more than $90 million in roads and infrastructure, and will continue to improve our road and bridge system as YOUR County Executive.

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