Heleniak response 

September 2, 2019  Contact: Information@markpoloncarz.com   “I am proud of my record of responsible, ethical leadership in government and politics. If we find out our campaign has received a donation from an individual or firm with ties to criminal or unethical activity we return it, or give an equal amount to a worthwhile organization.  As […]

Statement on Dixon Campaign Manager’s Insider Trading and History of Corruption

“Yesterday, thanks to the reporting of WKBW and the Buffalo News, we learned that Christopher Grant, former chief of staff to Congressman Chris Collins and current campaign manager and spokesperson for Lynne Dixon, the Republican Party’s candidate for county executive, engaged in illegal insider trading. As documented in a sworn statement of a FBI agent, […]

Erie, Suffolk counties working to break grip of opioids

By Mark C. Poloncarz and Steven Bellone It’s critical to highlight the efforts counties of New York State are engaged in to combat the abuse of opioids. Erie County and Suffolk County, the largest suburban communities in New York, are working independently and with the state to head off this sinister epidemic. Now is the […]

Make winter ride a smooth one with plans, preparation

Originally published in Bee Newspapers January 2, 2019 As we move through winter and even into the early spring, there will always be a possibility of snow accumulation. If you have a plow service clearing snow from your driveway or property, be sure the contractor does not deposit excess snow in the street, on a […]